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What is the Engineer Ventura Foundation?

Created to help improve your quality of life

The work of our foundation

In addition to our profitable business activity, we also develop community projects through social networks, activities that are not profitable and which is our assumed commitment to help the development of other markets and businesses, as well as helping those who need it most through the promotion of needs, in seeking help, and thus contributing to the economic development and better quality of life of needy communities.
You can consult our pages and groups on the social networks listed below.


Empresas Angolanas promovidas por Fundacao Engineer Ventura

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Motorrad Team

Automoveis de Portugal

Business in Switzerland//Negocios na Suica//Sweet...Zerland

Grupo Comercial Portugues

Casas de Angola

Casas de Portugal

Automoveis de Angola

Receitas de Angola

Musica Angolana

Grupo Comercial Angolano

Portugal Marketplace

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